Waterskiing behind a boat through a specific course for Slalom events. The skier must navigate and turn through 6 turn bouys in a zig-zag pattern along with entering through a starting gate and exiting through the exit gate. A skier's score is based upon the number of succesful bouys cleared, the speed of the boat, and the length of the rope. In 3-Event, the skier choose the boat speed and rope length they wish to start at (max length=18.25m).
Skier uses a trick ski(1) or skis(2) to perform both surface and air tricks in quick succession for points to add to their final score.
Jumpers use two long skis to ride a waterski jump in an attempt to travel the longest distance. The jump has specific dimensions and the ramp height is adjustable. Skiers choose their boat speed and ramp height, though there are maximum speeds according to ramp height. Skiers are given three attempts to hit the ramp.